Founded in 1990, Brunswick Funeral Home opened its doors with the intent of providing dignified funeral services to all, regardless of financial situation.

Roland Cyr, president and owner, has over 50 years of experience in serving families. Roland began his career in 1954 at Oregan's Funeral Home where he apprenticed until 1957 when he received his funeral directors license from the New Brunswick Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. He has been caring for family's loved ones ever since. Throughout the years, Roland has seen many changes in the industry. From a time when cremation was unheard of, to a time where it is commonplace.

Austin Broad was the first managing director at Brunswick when the doors opened. Austin had been working at Kilcollins Funeral Home for 10 years before joining the staff of Brunswick. Along with his wife Clara, and then apprentice Randy Pirie, they would look after the day to day operation of the funeral home.

Seeing a need for enhanced funeral service in the Plaster Rock area, Roland broke ground in 1992 to build the Tobique Chapel. It was the first full funeral chapel in the Tobique Valley. The paint was barely dry when it received its first family.

Unfortunately, on May 22nd, 1994, Austin Broad passed away unexpectedly on his way back home after a wake at the Tobique Chapel. Despite her loss, Clara insisted on staying with the funeral home. She would retire in 1999.

Roland's son, Luc, graduated from the Funeral Service program in Kingstec Community College in 1996. After apprenticing with his father, Luc received his funeral directors license in August 1997. Luc lives in Perth-Andover with his wife Tara and their sons Logan and Liam and is now managing director.